Encompass Massage and Body Work

Janet Weiser, LMT 17696 

After suffering from my own personal injuries and debilitating stress, I turned to different alternative therapies to overcome and heal. 

I spent 25 years as a paramedic, ER tech and medical assistant.  I treated many patients with life threatening illnesses and injuries. After so many years in such a physically emotionally challenging career, I found that I was suffering not only physically, but mentally as well. After trying different types of medications that were given to me by Doctors, I was not getting better, in fact, I was getting worse. I retired from that life and began a new chapter. 
With the help from an acupuncturist, a chiroparactor and a massage therapist I regained my health and my life again. I began learning how this happened and how I could bring these kinds of results to to others. 
I decided to take my medical knowledge and apply it to Massage Therapy. Since then, I have quickly become experienced in many modalities and work to combine them to design treatments which work for each person. My understanding of how the body works has enabled me to grow quickly as therapist and healer. 

With each session you will feel that you are the focus of attention.
I will work hard to answer your questions surrouding how the body works and exactly why your body reacts in specific ways. I will help you bring balance to your body and your life.  

Please feel free to call with any questions.