Encompass Massage and Body Work

Janet Weiser, LMT 17696 

Massage has been around for thousands of years. It helps us relax and assists in healing from injury. The model we have today was developed by the spa industry. The basic one-hour full body massage was designed to give you a full body massage, for relaxation. This model is great for the spa business but does not translate into the medical and rehabilitative massage. Booking a 90-minute session to have your shoulder worked on just does not make sense. Personally, I would love to have a 90 minute massage every day, but no one can afford that type of luxury. However, a treatment plan designed specifically for what your needs are makes a whole lot more sense. 

The 90 minute massage is $100. While 3- 30 minutes sessions are $105. Having the ability to work on an injured or problem area on a more frequent time frame (ie-3x a week) will improve the results and save time and money. 

Working with your therapist to develop a personal treatment plan only makes sense.  

For clients who do repetitive work and have chronic conditions it is greatly encouraged to get on a regular schedule to assist in alleviating the pain and discomfort due to sitting all day, working at a computer or re-balancing the “phone neck” we are all starting to acquire. This can be done if the sessions are shorter, focused and more frequent. 

I have clients close by who come in on their lunch break for 15- 30 minutes to work on their neck and upper back. No need to remove clothing, no oils needed. This is true therapeutic work that Tui-Na is designed for. 

Injuries require different times and different types of work depending on the tissue and severity of the injury. Post-operative sessions require different types of work too. So, let’s work together and come up with what will give you the most benefit and be affordable at the same time. 

Treatment plans can be designed for a duration and frequency that works for you. The payment can be all up front (one month at a time) or paid each session. For on-going continuous sessions (say every 2 weeks) a card can be kept on file and billed accordingly. No surprises, no additional charges. All treatments include what is needed. Deep tissue, trigger point, cupping, heat or cold. It is all included in your treatment plan now. 

There are no contracts. This is not a spa. It is work designed to keep you moving, assisting you in recovery and reducing the injury caused by life. Helping you to feel better and live better. This is my goal. Let me be part of your wellness plan. 

Please feel free to call with any questions.